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Naples style fish restaurant in the heart of London

PESCHERIA MATTIUCCI is not an ordinary fish restaurant, it is a fabulous eatery! Run by expert,s with a single-minded passion for fish and seafood.

We firmly believe in sustainability so all the seafood that reaches the plate is line caught and expertly sourced- whether from the British Isles or the seas around southern Italy.

Each of our catch is transported from the fisherman's boats in Sicily, Sardinia and Naples to our restaurant in less than 12 hours ensuring 'catch of the day' means what it says.

All dishes are cooked to authentic traditional recipes, giving British fish a Mediterranean twist.

We are changing the menu daily.

Dishes that we are famous for:

  • Crudo Mediterranea (raw fish platter) - extra virgin olive oil, natural salt, orange and lemon
  • Raw Gamberone Rosso Mediterraneo
  • Mediterranean cod burger

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