Ready to Cook Take Away Gourmet

Fancy a night off? You deserve a break and we've found the way to give you the time that you need. Pescheria Mattiucci is launching a new range of take away gourmet, a variety of delicious recipes made by our fantastic chef Diego Simonetti. The most guilt-free ready meals possible, the ready to eat meals that don't contain any type of artificial preservatives or hydrogenated fat. We use only our fish, sourced in the Mediterranean Sea, line caught by the most experienced fishermen, and the most organic of vegetables from Italy. Not only will you get a break from dinner duties, you'll find theese the healthiest and tastiest alternative to your lunch or dinner, easy to cook and ready in less than 15 min! These meals are sold in a special package, a box which is resistant to high temperatures that can be used in the microwave and oven.

We can deliver those meals to your office, please check availability and prices!


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